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For decades, we have been the world market leader for commercial warewashing technology. We serve customers such as pharma groups, industrial companies, airlines, hotels, restaurants and caterers, large-scale catering establishments, bakers and butchers, supermarkets, and cruise ships all over the world.


For over 125 years, we have developed, produced and sold appliances and systems from the warewashing sectors. The company has a global workforce of 6,900 employees, 1,100 of them in Germany. Since 1999, we belong to the US American Illinois Tool Works (ITW) Group with 46,000 employees who manufacture and distribute various products in independent companies.


HOBART GmbH is committed to:


- Protecting the environment and conserving resources and energy in all business activities within the organisation's sphere of influence.

- Making quality, environmental and energy management a responsibility and duty of company management and subjecting it to ongoing improvement.

- Identifying and addressing the potential risks and opportunities of quality, environmental protection, energy use, energy consumption and energy efficiency, in compliance with binding obligations.

- Achieving the quality, environmental and energy-related targets required by customers and set by the company.

- Continuously improving energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact by acquiring high-quality, energy-efficient products and services while taking economic aspects into account; addressing environmental and stakeholder issues during planning and implementation processes.

- Operating and further developing a certified quality, environmental and energy management system in accordance with internationally recognised standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.


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