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With over 1000 employees worldwide, TECNIPLAST has been THE leading global supplier of products and systems for equipping laboratory animal housing for biomedical research since the 1950s and is recognised as an innovation driver on the market.


Key factors in TECNIPLAST's international success are the development of animal housing systems and equipment for the protection of humans and animals and their production using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, as well as worldwide distribution through its own subsidiaries and sales companies. At the same time, TECNIPLAST lives the ecological idea and stands for socially responsible behaviour. Throughout the entire product life cycle, from product development and production to distribution and recycling, attention is paid to reducing energy consumption.


Together with our wholly owned subsidiary IWT, which manufactures high-quality washing and automation systems specially developed for use in laboratory animal facilities, and a global team of specialists, we offer an overall concept comprising innovative, comprehensive system solutions and on-site service.

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