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The AK KAB published the 6th edition of the "Orange Brochure" at the first virtual GV-SOLAS meeting during the coronavirus pandemic in September 2020

In the 6th edition, the text has been adapted and the chapters revised to reflect the latest state of the art.

In chapters 4.5 and 4.6, for instance, the further developments in chamber dimensions for sterilizers and H2O2 material airlocks have been updated.

In chapters 4.5 and 6.11, additional information on the regular tests of sterilization and cleaning results has been included to ensure that the system is working in accordance with the recommendations of the AK KAB.

Chapter 7.4 describes the inspection in detail of the rinsing performance of a cleaning system and defines additional acceptance criteria.

Chapter 7.8 now also contains information on the possible inspection and evaluation of the treatment processes of wastewater process systems according to certain sustainability criteria.

Chapter 9 contains further information on changes in plastic materials in the steam sterilization of goods in sterile bags and recycling possibilities for discarded, reprocessed goods.

Here you can download our brochures.


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