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First Look – modern, dynamic and user-friendly: The new AK KAB website presents itself in a modern design with a high level of user-friendliness in line with the motto "quick to find - easy to inform".

In the new website, clear, generous structures, large images and soon more and more information on the subject of the preparation of animal husbandry systems play an important role.

A variety of intelligent functions enable users to quickly familiarize themselves with the AK KAB. The interactivity and numerous images and data make it even easier to obtain comprehensive information about members, experts, news, procedures, requirements, components, services, etc. in animal husbandry.

An intuitive platform with high technical performance facilitates navigation through the diverse content on tablets and smartphones.

The service area also offers comprehensive information and download options.

We - the AK KAB - hope you enjoy browsing through our new website.


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